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The materials herein are designed to allow the individual access to the worldview of the Gael at their own pace. Providing solid academically pertinent information is but one aspect of what the Clannada na Gadelica does. However, the whole of the Clannada's mission can be expressed in six statements.

1. Service - A commitment to the Gaelic communities, both established and beginning, to preserve and provide superior academically accurate information and other resources about Gaelic culture, and the cultural traditions as the culture itself defines its traditions.

2. Productivity - Excellence in educating people who wish to learn about Gaelic culture, its history, and its historical traditions, in developing local traditional Gaelic speaking and living communities, and in training leaders knowledgable in the ways and worldview of the Gael.

3. Sustainability - To promote growing healthy Gaelic communities based on traditional Gaelic culture, values, and traditions, as well as encouraging individuals to personally set and attain high goals.

4. Relationships - To provide a venue, based on traditional Gaelic models, for people to come together in healthy and safe communities; to deliver an understanding about the various facets of Gaelic cultures that people can assimilate into their lives; and to help people utilize those so that they can proudly and boldly live in the strength provided by solid cultural underpinnings.

5. Image - To maintain recognition as a professional, ethical, academically sound, and high quality organization as percieved by ourselves, academia, Gaels living in the Gaelic speaking areas of the old countries, and others who look to us to provide sound pertinent information and guidance about Gaelic culture.

6. Growth - Planned organizational growth through empowerment and vision that encourages personal growth, and innovation within the context of the Gaelic worldview and culture.

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