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The Timeline of Celtic History

10000-2000 BCE

A long, long, long, way long time ago

1200 BCE

Proto-Celts in Europe

1100 BCE

Hallstatt Period begins

600 BCE

Celts move over Alps into Italy

400 BCE

Main Migration of Celts into Po Valley

390 BCE

Celts Sack Rome

340 BCE

Roman's prohibit single combat to settle conlict with Celts

335 BCE

Alexander the Great heads toward the Danube Valley

298 BCE

Third Samnite War

285 BCE

The Battle of Vadimonian Lake

280 BCE

Belgios enters Macedonia

225 BCE

Celts march on Rome

125 BCE

Romans Annex Gallia

59 BCE

Caesar Delivers Final defeat To Celtiberians

58 BCE

Caesar Pits Gaulish Celts Against Each Other

55 BCE

Caesar Launches Armed Reconnaissance Mission To Britain

54 BCE

Caesar Returns To Britain

52 BCE

Vercingetorix defeated by Romans

Ireland Irish Flag
Scotland Scottish Flag
Manx Manx Flag
Breton Breton Flag

46 CE

Romans Invade Britian

61 CE

Destruction of Mona,
Boudicca leads Revolt of the Iceni

84 CE

Calgacus unites the Celtic tribes

196 CE

Caledonni Overrun A Large Part Of What Is Now England

277 CE

Ireland The Expulsion of the Desi from Ireland

296 CE

First mention of Picts in Roman literature

367 CE

Celtic and Germani Tribes attack Romano-British Provinces

368 CE

Pict, Scot and Saxon tribes attack Romans in London

410 CE

Honorius Thrusts Britain Back into Independence

429 CE

Ireland Palladius is sent to Ireland as their first Bishop

430 CE

Ireland Estimated year of death of Niall of the Nine Hostages

432 CE

Ireland Lóegaire, son of Naill, hosts Patrick

449 CE

Vortigern Invites Saxons To Help Repel Attacks By Picts

450 CE

Ireland Estimated year of birth of Brigid of Kildare

498 CE

Scotland Birth of the Scottish Dal Riada

500's CE

British Refugees Emmigrate to Amorican Peninsula

577 CE

Ireland Death of King Aedh of Connacht
Breton Waroch defeats Merovingians

622 CE

Ireland Battle of Canbo, Uí Briúin Ai defeat Uí Fiachrach

664-666 CE

Ireland Plague kills 1/3 of population of Ireland and Britian

680 CE

Ireland Book of Durrow

795 CE

Ireland Ireland invaded by the Norse

807 CE

Ireland Book of Armagh

810 CE

Ireland Book of Kells

824 CE

Breton Nomenoë Becomes Duke over all Brittany

843 CE

Scotland Scots and Picts united under Kenneth MacAlpin

845 CE

Breton Nomenoë Victorious Over King Charles of France

851 CE

Breton Nomenoë Dies, Erispoë Takes Up Struggle Against Charles

890 CE

Breton Norse Defeated In Battle for Breton Territory

1014 CE

Ireland Brian Boru wins Battle of Clontarf, Annals of Loch Cé begun

1018 CE

Scotland Battle of Carham, Saxons defeated by Malcolm II of Scotland,
Annals of Loch Cé report a comet this year

1034 CE

Scotland Malcolm II killed by grandson Duncan, who then rules Scotland

1040 CE

Scotland MacBeth kills Duncan and becomes king of Scotland

1057 CE

Scotland Malcolm III kills MacBeth and becomes king of Scotland

1066 CE

Breton Bretons Help William At Battle Of Hastings

1079 CE

Manx Kingdom of Sudreys, Godred Crovan

1093 CE

Manx Magnus Barfod exerts control over Isle of Man

1098 CE

Manx Civil War on Isle of Man

1102-1103 CE

Manx Mangus returns to the Isle of Man

1105-52 CE

Manx Olaf I The Dwarf is King of Isle of Man

1107 CE

Scotland Union of Scotland falls apart with death of Edgar

1124 CE

Scotland Scotland reunited under David, great expansion of borders

1131 CE

Ireland Annals of the Four Masters record the Battle of Curlews

1139 CE

Ireland St. Malachy's Complaint

1150 CE

Ireland Lebor Gabha'la Erenn, Book of Leinster

1151 CE

Ireland The Rape of Derbforgaill

1152 CE

Manx King David of Scotland threatens Isle of Man
Ireland Synod of Kells

1155 CE

Ireland Adrian's Donation, the Bull Laudabiliter

1156 CE

Manx Godred and Somerled fight for Isle of Man

1164 CE

Manx Reginald Invades Isle of Man

1166 CE

Ireland Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn loses the Ard Rí to Ruadrí Ua Conchobair

1167 CE

Ireland Dairmait meets with Henry and Strongbow

1169 CE

Ireland Robert Fitzstephen lands at Bannow

1170 CE

Ireland Strongbow invades Ireland

1171 CE

Ireland Dairmait Mac Murchada dies, Strongbow's Seige of Dublin, Henry II invades Ireland

1172 CE

Ireland Synod at Cashel, Henry departs Ireland

1175 CE

Ireland Treaty of Windsor

1177 CE

Ireland Treaty of Windsor is abrogated

1185 CE

Ireland Prince John of England travels to Ireland

1187 CE

Manx Reginald I becomes King of Isle of Man

1199 CE

Ireland John becomes King of England and Ireland

1207 CE

Ireland First time coinage struck in Ireland, incorporates the Irish Harp (cithara) in the design

1208 CE

Manx Olaf II imprisoned by Reginald, Isle of Man

1210 CE

Manx King John of Enlgand plunders Isle of Man,
Ireland and returns to Ireland

1213 CE

Manx Reginald, King of Isle of Man, swears homage to King John of England, and is rewarded

1214 CE

Manx Reginald I releases Olaf II

1218 CE

Manx Reginald I, swears fealty to Henry III of England

1219 CE

Manx Reginald I makes Isle of Man fief to Papal See

1224 CE

Manx Olaf II and Reginald I fight over Isle of Man

1226 CE

Manx The Manx invite Olaf II to become King

1228 CE

Manx Second Civil War


Manx Olaf III swears fealty to Henry III of England,
Ireland Connacht invaded by Richard de Burgo & Maurice Fitzgerald

1237 CE

Manx Harald II becomes King

1249 CE

Manx Reginald II becomes King

1250 CE

Manx Mangus attempts to become King

1253-65 CE

Manx Mangus returns to Man and rules as Magnus III of the Sudreys

1256 CE

Manx Mangus pays homage to Henry III of England

1263 CE

Scotland Alexander III of Scotland fights for control of the Hebrides

1266 CE

Scotland Scotland acquires Isle of Man in treaty with Norway

1267 CE

Manx Scotland puts down Manx rebellion

1275 CE

Manx Manx Rebel again against Scottish rule

1291 CE

Manx Lady Maria (Scandinavian) unsuccessfully bids to become Queen of Man

1293 CE

Manx Edward orders surrender of Isle of Man

1295 CE

Scotland Auld Alliance between Scotland and France

1296 CE

Scotland Scotland "annexed" by England, Stone of Destiny removed from Scotland

1297 CE

Scotland William Wallace becomes an "outlaw"

1305 CE

Scotland William Wallace is captured

1311 CE

Manx Edward II gives Isle of Man to Piers Gaveston

1312 CE

Manx Piers Gaveston loses his head, and the Isle of Man as well

1313 CE

Manx Robert the Bruce invades Isle of Man

1314 CE

Scotland Battle of Bannockburn

1315 CE

Ireland Edward Bruce becomes King of Ireland

1316 CE

Manx Richard de Mandeville plunders Isle of Man

1328 CE

Scotland Scottish independence recognized in treaty with England

1329 CE

Manx Richard de Mandeville plunders Isle of Man, again

1333 CE

Manx Edward gives custody of Man to de Montecute

1484 CE

Ireland Great Book of Lecan

1494 CE

Ireland Poyning's Law enforced in Ireland

1532 CE

Breton Brittany bound to France by treaty

1537 CE

Ireland Irish Supremacy Act asserts the English king's power over Irish churches

1603 CE

Ireland Brehon Law is abolished by England

1632-6 CE

Ireland Annals of the Four Masters compiled

1654 CE

Ireland Sir James Ware publishes Antiquities

1690-1 CE

Ireland Irish Jacobites defeated at Boyne and Aughrim

1699 CE

Ireland Edward Lhuyd arrives in Ireland,
Act of Restriction of woolen exports, Ireland

1704 CE

Ireland Irish Catholics restricted from holding public office or owning land

1707 CE

Scotland Act of Union, Scotland

1719 CE

Ireland Toleration Act passes for protestant dissentors

1720 CE

Ireland Westminster Parliament gains legistlative power over Ireland with passing of Declaratory Act

1726 CE

Scotland Filimor redesigned into the Filibeg by an English iron magnate

1731 CE

Ireland Royal Dublin Society established

1740 CE

Scotland Black Watch formed from independant military companies

1746 CE

Scotland Bagpipes outlawed, Bonnie Prince Charlie defeated

1747 CE

Scotland Dress Act passed

1772 CE

Ireland Relief Act allows Catholics to lease bogland

1778 CE

Ireland Relief Act gives Catholics right to enheritence and lease-hold

1782 CE

Ireland Catholic colleges re-open, but must teach in English

1783 CE

Scotland Dress Act repealed

1785 CE

Ireland Irish Royal Academy (Humanities and Sciences) established

1789 CE

Breton Breton Autonomy Lost As A Result Of The French Revolution

1792 CE

Ireland Relief Act allows Catholics to practice law

1795 CE

Ireland Orange Order founded

1801 CE

Ireland Act of Union

1823 CE

Ireland Ordinance Survey, Royal Hiberninan Academy established

1829 CE

Ireland Irish National School System

1845 CE

Ireland The Great Hunger

1848 CE

Ireland Royal Irish Academy of Music established

1882 CE

Ireland James Joyce is born (d. 1902)

1916 CE

Ireland Proclamation of The Republic

1919 CE

Ireland Sinn Féin convenes Dáil Éireann

1920 CE

Ireland Better Government of Ireland Act

1921 CE

Ireland Establishment of Irish Free State

1930 CE

Ireland The people of Ireland vote to adopt a constitution

1937 CE

Ireland National Monuments Act

1948 CE

Ireland Republic of Ireland Act

1950 CE

Scotland Stone of Destiny (Coronation Stone) temporarily returned to Scotland

1996 CE

Scotland Stone of Destiny permanently returned to Scotland

1998 CE

President Clinton declares March to be Irish-American Heritage Month

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Special thanks to: Sorcha Nic an tSaoir bean Hamultun, Larry Chamberlin, D. Charles Bettis, Iain Mac an tSaoir, Pam MacDermot and Tara Scotach bean Mac an tSaoir

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